Cirrus SR22 G2 TKS Inadvertent Ice System

The Cirrus SR22 G2 TKS inadvertent ice system is not approved for flight into known icing.  It’s certified as a “No Hazard” system for normal operations only; therefore, no determination has been made as to the capability of the system to remove or prevent ice accumulation.

Cirrus SR22 G2 Wing Tip
Cirrus SR22 G2 Wing Tip

The Cirrus SR22 G2 Wing anti-icing system does not cover the entire wing. The TKS titanium panel does not deliver coverage on a portion of the beginning wing root and the outer wing tip. Coverage was increased later on the Cirrus SR22 G3 Wing.

If icing is inadvertently encountered the pilot should decide the most appropriate TKS operating mode. The system allows a pilot to start delivery of anti-icing fluid to the wing leading edges, stabilizer and prop blades.

Normal mode should be selected when conditions for icing are encountered and before ice accretion. The

Cirrus SR22 G2 Wing Root
Cirrus SR22 G2 Wing Root
Cirrus SR22 G2 Wing TKS system operating time while in “normal” mode is up to 60 minutes.

If ice has accreted to flight surfaces the pilot should select TKS maximum mode. The Cirrus SR22 G2 Wing TKS system operating time while in “maximum” mode is up to 30 minutes.

Cirrus pilots are cautioned not to operate the TKS system for extended time in clear air, at high altitudes, and very cold temperatures. Doing so can result in “flash” evaporation of water and alcohol from the de-icing fluid. Flash evaporation will result in a glycol rich fluid that can become “gel” like on wing and windshield surfaces.

Cirrus SR22 G2 De-Icing Fluid Port
Cirrus SR22 G2 De-Icing Fluid Port

The anti-icing fluid filler cap is located just in front of the baggage compartment door on the Cirrus SR22 G2. De-icing fluid capacity on the G2 TKS system is 2.9 gallons. The fluid filler location was moved to the wing on the SR22 G3 (TKS fluid weighs 9.125 lbs per gallon).

Non-FIKI TKS inadvertent icing systems were installed on pre-G3 Wings and G3 Wings. This applies to serials before the G3 Wing effectively serial numbers 0334-2333, 2335-2419, 2421-2437. G3 Wings are with serial numbers 2334,2420, 2438 and subsequent.

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