Introduction Cirrus SR22 Generation Two (G2)

In prior posts, we reviewed the first generation Cirrus SR22. Let’s get started and take a look at the second generation models. The Cirrus SR22-G2 arrived in the spring of 2004. We’ll summarize significant changes to the airplane and examine the G2 pre-owned market.

Cirrus SR22-G2, credit wikiWings
Cirrus SR22-G2, credit wikiWings

Stephen Chun and David Coleal were recruited to lead a production transformation. Stephen Chun became VP of manufacturing at Cirrus. Previously, he had been chief of manufacturing at New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI), which was a GM and Toyota joint venture auto manufacturing plant in California. Chun brought large-scale manufacturing thought processes to Cirrus Aircraft.

David Coleal a fellow colleague of Chun’s, was brought in as VP of Operations. David’s tenure at Cirrus was from 2001- 2008, and he became President and Chief Operating Officer of Cirrus Design Corporation. Both Coleal and Chun’s careers included time at McKinsey and Company. Currently, Coleal is President Business Aircraft Bombardier, Inc.

By 2004, they had appreciably redesigned the airplane assembly components and production-line.Production improvement was driven by a clean-design strategy and lean thinking processes. The production line transformed into a series of systematic repeatable processes based on 51 quality stations. Each station was focused on completing a high quality product for delivery to the next station. Flags were used to easily show floor supervisors station status. Green indicated everything was okay.  Red called attention to an issue. This improved resource response time for resolving problems. Labor time to produced one aircraft dropped from 3,320 to 1,906 hours since the first production model.


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