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What is the origin for the term GTS? Cirrus Aircraft created the GTS package because customers wanted planes loaded with advanced avionics and enhanced with special interior and exterior features.

In 2004, Cirrus rolled-out the Generation Two SR-Series and began marketing the acronym GTS which stood for:

  • G = Generation
  • T = Two
  • S = Special

In 2007, when the new Generation Three SR-Series hit the market the GTS nomenclature just coincidentally still happened to work:

  • G = Generation
  • T = Three
  • S = Special

In 2008, the Perspective by Garmin flight deck became an avionics quintessential design change for Cirrus, and should have properly received the “Generation Four” designation. Although not officially stated, the 2008 Perspective must be the “missing G4″ series of Cirrus Aircraft. But alas, internal issues at that time probably precluded the designation. There really is no other good explanation.

In 2013, Cirrus announced the “Generation Five” and essentially jumped over the unofficial G4 model. But the GTS package continued.

An anonymous source who worked at Cirrus said, when Generation Five was released in 2013, the marketing department was on their fourth generation of personnel, and no one remembered what the GTS designation stood for – but it was still cool.

So, marketing of the GTS brand still lives-on as the fully loaded top-end trim package of the Cirrus Aircraft SR-Series.

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