March is Women’s History Month

Celebrating women in history this month. One hundred years ago, Amelia Earhart was taking flying lessons. Even today, she remains in the news for her accomplishments and pursuit of goals. Although Amelia may be most frequently mentioned in discussions surrounding her disappearance on the circumnavigation attempt in 1937 she achieved celebrity status in her lifetime for different reasons. Amelia personified the pursuit of adventure, determination, and breaking of norms. She was a strong promoter of air travel and women in aviation and women in new world roles.

MeLinda Schnyder, aviation and travel writer, published 10 anecdotes about Earhart’s life in honor of Women’s History Month. Here are ten things you might not know about A.E.

  • Amelia designed a roller coaster at age seven.
  • She called Atchison Kansas her hometown
  • She had plenty of nicknames: Meeley or Millie, A.E. in correspondence, Queen of the Air, Lady Lindy.
  • She learned to fly before learning to drive a car
  • She loved fast, open, sporty cars
  • She was an influencer
  • She used her celebrity for good
  • She was a fashion innovator
  • She insisted The New York Times and other media use her professional name – Amelia Earhart.
  • She had a short but record-setting flying career.


MeLinda Schnyder, “Aspects of Amelia Earhart That Might Surprise You. Celebrating Women’s History Month With Little-Known Facts About Legendary Pilot,” AOPA, March 3, 2021

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