Normally Aspirated Avidyne SR22-G3 That was Then, This is Now

Its been more than a decade since the first normally aspirated SR22 third generation planes began shipment. Very few of these pre-owned planes are available for sale today. “That was then and this is now.” Let’s look at how the market has changed. 

In October 2014, we reviewed the market for normally aspirated Avidyne SR22-G3 planes. Controller advertised only six (6) for sale in the United States.  All the planes had air-conditioning except one and all were GTS models except one. In 2014, the asking price for an Avidyne SR22-G3 GTS aircraft with WAAS and air-conditioning was about $300,000 (see appendix for details).

2014 asking price range for normally aspirated Cirrus Avidyne SR22-G3
Model From To
SR22-G3 Avidyne $275,000 $330,000

In June 2018, I could only find one normally aspirated Avidyne SR22-G3 in the United States. The asking price was $325,000 with total time on airframe of 1265. One other Avidyne G3 plane was in Champagne Sur Oise, France. The French plane had a recently installed new IO-550N engine with factory guarantee and the asking price was $349,000. Total time on airframe 1650.

I searched for Avidyne equipped Cirrus SR22 generation three planes on Controller, Trade-a-Plane, Lone Mountain, and Aerista, but those sites did not increase the supply of G3 Avidyne planes for sale.

The original price of a well equipped 2007 Avidyne normally aspirated SR22-G3 plane was about $465,000.

2014 asking prices Avidyne Cirrus SR22-G3 normally aspirated planes
Year Serial # Tail # Price TTAF GTS WAAS A/C Autopilot
2007 2583 N583SR $275,000 1560 Y Y Y STEC-55x
2007 *note N578AG $289,000 1540 Y Y Y STEC-55x
2007 2893 N448LM $315,000 440 N N Y STEC-55x
2008 3016 N505PG $315,000 1816 Y Y N STEC-55x
2007 2581 N682JB $330,000 1800 Y Y Y DFC-90
2007 2924 N530SR $279,000 805 Y Y STEC-55x

Note: Houston based fractional ownership


Robert Goyer, Cirrus SR22-G3, Flying Magazine, Sept. 2007

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