What are the asking prices for Avidyne SR22-G3 normally aspirated planes?

Cirrus SR22-G3 Avidyne in Houston Texas, by wikiWings.com
Cirrus SR22-G3 Avidyne, by wikiWings.com

It’s estimated that Cirrus shipped about 250 normally aspirated Avidyne equipped SR22 generation three airplanes from 2007 into 2008. Recently, only two (2) were listed for sale, which represents less than 1% of the manufacturer production on the market (anything less than 3% is considered supply contraction).

Only one Avidyne SR22-G3 plane was located in the United States with an asking price of $325,000. The other plane was in Champagne Sur Oise, France. The French plane had a recently installed new IO-550N engine with factory guarantee, and the asking price was $349,000.

I searched for Avidyne equipped Cirrus SR22 generation three planes on Controller, Trade-a-Plane, Lone Mountain, and Aerista. Those sites did not increase the supply of Avidyne SR22-G3 planes for sale.

Asking Prices SR22-G3 Avidyne Normally Aspirated Planes – June 2018
Year Serial Tail TTAF Price Airconditioning GTS Location
2008 3019 N547PG 1265  325,000 Yes No Miami, FL
2007 2709 T7-FTW 1650  349,000 Yes Yes France

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