Reason 21 – Turbocharged Cirrus

Interested in finding one of the best values in pre-owned Cirrus G3 aircraft? Then look at asking price spreads between the Cirrus SR22-G3 normally aspirated and turbocharged models pre-FIKI (G3’s 2007 – 2009 before Flight Into Know Icing TKS system).

For the past several years, Cirrus SR22-G3 pre-FIKI aircraft have maintained strong price stability, including both the Avidyne and Perspective by Garmin flight deck models.

At times, because of limited listed inventory normally aspirated prices are close to turbocharged. But Turbos will usually have more valuable options than their normally aspirated brethren (more G3 turbos sold than SR22-G3 NA normally aspirated),

Reason 21 – Cirrus SR22TN-G3 Turbo a Pre-Owned Sweet Spot

Look for value added features like these:

A Hartzell 3-Blade lightweight composite prop, which is standard on the turbocharged SR22TN-G3. It’s quieter and smoother than the 3-blade metal prop on the normally aspirated plane. The Hartzell composite prop option is valued at $11,000.

A built-in oxygen system from Precise Flight, which is standard on the turbo SR22TN-G3. The installation includes dash mounted lighted O2 level indicator, on/off switch and four-place quick connects for oxygen lines. The Perspective Flight Deck includes integrated visual and aural oxygen alerts. A 77 cubic inch O2 cylinder is installed in the aircraft tail.

The built-in oxygen system a great feature to have onboard if you’re going to fly above single-digit altitudes. The equipment set-up includes (2 organizer bags, 2 masks w/ mikes, 4 cannulas, 2 std. masks, 4 regulators, lines, & connectors). The factory installed option is valued at $10.695.

Most SR22TN-G3 Turbos with Perspective by Garmin have the yaw damper. The yaw damper is not available on Avidyne models.  It’s a $7,500 option on the perspective turbocharged models.

The WX500 Stormscope is a $5,000 option and a value add over NEXRAD. The Stormscope provides real-time information on electrical activity inter-cloud, intra-cloud and cloud to ground.  NEXRAD only provides electrical information on cloud to ground strikes, and display information into the cockpit can be delayed up to 30 minutes.

Yes, the SR22TN has the Tornado Alley Turbonormalized system, a $65,000 option, but it also includes GAMIjectors.  The normally aspirated SR22 models do not come with the GAMIjector equipment. I’m not suggesting to revert a turbo to normally aspirated but the Tornado Alley Turbo STC can be removed and the GAMIjector setup retained.

So look at asking price spreads between the Cirrus SR22-G3 normally aspirated and turbocharged models. You should adjust for engine time differences and then compare features on each plane. Many times you’re getting more airplane with the turbocharged model at not much of a price difference.

At the time of this blog, there were only three 2008 SR22-G3 NA normally aspirated Perspective models listed, but there were nine 2008 SR22TN-G3 Perspectives listed for sale in the United States. The first year of production for the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin flight deck was 2008.

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