Stormscope WX-500, Operation, Cirrus Perspective by Garmin

How do you run the WX-500 stormscope on the MFD Cirrus Perspective by Garmin?  You can set stormscope data output to display on the following MFD pages:

  • Stormscope page
  • Main Navigation Map
  • Nearest pages
  • Aux – Video page
  • Aux – Trip planning page

To display stormscope data on the Navigation Map or any Nearest Pages or Aux – Trip Planning Page, press the “Map” softkey, then press the STRMSCP softkey.

Stormscope Setup Options

  1. On the Navigation Map Page, press the Menu key
  2. Select ‘Map Setup’ press enter
  3. Use the inner FMS knob to display ‘Weather’ in the group selection window and press enter
  4. Use thelargeouterFMS knob to highlight and move between product selections:
    1. STRMSCP LTNG: on or off
    2. STRMSCP MODE: Cell or Strike
    3. STRMSCP SMBL: Selects the range at which stormscope data displays.  Stormscope data is removed from display when a map range greater than the STRMSCP SMBL value is selected i.e. 200 nmi.
  5. When a product item listed above is highlighted, turn the inner FMS know to select the option and press enter.
  6. Press the FMS knob to return to the Navigation Page

Caution: If heading input is lost, you must clear the stormscope output data manually after execution of each turn to make sure output data are depicted accurately in relation to the nose of your aircraft.

“Warning: Never use your Stormscope system to attempt to penetrate a thunderstorm. The FAA Advisory Circular, Subject: Thunderstorms, and the Airman’s Information Manual (AIM) recommend that you “avoid by at least 20 miles any thunderstorm identified as severe or giving an intense radar echo.”

Source: Cirrus Perspective by Garmin – Pilot’s Guide for the SR22, June 2008

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