How many Cessna 400, Corvalis, Cessna TTx airplanes shipped?

Cessna TTx
Cessna TTx

After the purchase of Columbia Aircraft company in 2007, Cessna sold a total of 323 advance high performance composite aircraft. The planes had a number of names during that time: Cessna 400, Corvalis TTx, Cessna TTX, Cessna TTx, and Cessna 350, Corvalis 350.

Only 23 planes were shipped in 2017. Slow sales stalled out cash flow.

This year, Textron confirmed production termination of the Cessna TTx turbo. The stoppage occurred after a decade long run up attempt. The normally aspirated Cessna 350 ceased production in 2013.

The dominate competitor, Cirrus Aircraft out sold Cessna’s shipments of the Columbia designed high performance composite by 12 to 1. Continue reading “How many Cessna 400, Corvalis, Cessna TTx airplanes shipped?”