The Cirrus Aircraft Passenger Experience

How is the passenger experience different in a Cirrus Aircraft?  The passenger experience is one of the first feedback items I noticed as a new owner to Cirrus. When passengers board the plane they’re able to stand up while getting into their seat. It’s actually more comfortable for passengers to get in and out of the Cirrus than the pilot or co-pilot from the front seats. But it is easy for both. The doors swing out-of-the-way as they move up and forward.

Once seated, the passenger’s perspective is impressive. They see advanced avionics,

Cirrus SR22-G3 back seat with passengers, by
Cirrus SR22-G3 back seat with passengers, by

listen to XM radio and have large windows with panoramic views. The G3 has refined interior ergonomics, fit and finish. The seats are comfortable and well positioned. We went with the factory air-conditioning and the well-designed ventilation system delivers a cool environment even during the heat of a Texas summer.

Another notable difference for my family and friends is the smoother ride. The Cirrus SR22 is almost 1,000 lbs heavier at gross weight than my previous aircraft, which were single engine Cessna’s and Piper’s.

In addition to the heavier weight, I believe the NASA inspired wing, high performance engine and three blade composite prop help to smooth out the ride. Pitch forces from winds and thermals seem more subdued. Our departure and arrival in Houston Class B airspace is typically in the 2,000 to 3,000 foot altitudes.  We find that the Cirrus SR22 is bumped around less.

The yaw damper is another valuable addition and only available with the Cirrus Perspective flight deck.  Combined with the Garmin GFC-700 autopilot the yaw damper really smooths the ride out. It coordinates the rudder with the autopilot during approaches. En route it offsets yaw from winds and thermals. And, pilot workload on the right rudder is eliminated during climbs. It’s why many pilots and passengers say the plane flys like it’s on rails.

These may seem like minor points.  But it is all about the details, even down to the cup-holders.  Clearly, the passengers’ experience was not an after-thought at Cirrus Aircraft. Overall, our cross county flights are less fatiguing for both pilot and passengers.

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