TKS – A Clear Solution to Icing, Part 3

This is the third installment of a seven-part series “TKS – A Clear Solution to Icing,” by Jeffrey Brewer, CEO/Founder of Connecting Aviators.

It makes sense that an aircraft builder based in Minnesota wouldn’t just slip up on the idea of ice protection. For decades, Cirrus airplanes have flown with an ever-evolving clear solution for ice.

Basic TKS Ice ProtectionCirrus SR22 G1, G2 (models mfg. 2002-2006)

In 2002, Cirrus released its first ice protection option. It was a non-certified system designated as the “basic TKS ice protection package.” The new safety feature was intended to assist pilots in escaping inadvertent icing.

The system included a single pump, small TKS reservoir, titanium panels on the wings and elevator, and a slinger ring on the propeller hub. Fluid is pumped from a 2.9-gallon reservoir located in the fuselage. Two pump rates can be selected: normal and maximum. In normal mode, operating time may be up to 60 minutes, but expect less than 30 minutes in max mode. 

The titanium panels do not extend across the entire wing. The wing root and outer wing lack TKS coverage. Also, the vertical stabilizer and elevator mass balance leading edge do not have ice protection. The G1 and G2 versions can be identified by spotting the filler port located in front of the baggage compartment door beneath the passenger window and by observing the leading-edge flight surfaces that lack protection. (see photos 1 and 2).

Caution: The G1 and G2 systems don’t have TKS fluid level monitoring or low pump pressure or low fluid level alerts. It’s important to note there’s no primer pump. Air could be in the lines if the system was run dry which may prevent fluid delivery after refilling the reservoir. If the system was run dry, you’ll need to sump TKS under the wing until air is removed from the lines. To ensure the system is safely primed follow the Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) procedures on the ground before flight.

Cirrus SR22-G2 TKS wing Root, photo by wikiWings
Cirrus SR22-G2 TKS inner wing root, no TKS protection, photo by wikiWings
Cirrus SR22-G2 TKS wing leading edge to tip, photo by wikiWings
Cirrus SR22-G2 TKS outer wing leading edge to tip, no TKS protection, photo by wikiWings
Cirrus SR22-G2 TKS side de-icing fluid filler port, photo by wikiWings
Cirrus SR22-G2 TKS side de-icing fluid filler port, left side of luggage door, photo by wikiWings

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