TKS – A Clear Solution to Icing, Part 7

This is the seventh installment of a seven-part series “TKS – A Clear Solution to Icing,” by Jeffrey Brewer, CEO/Founder of Connecting Aviators.

It makes sense that an aircraft builder based in Minnesota wouldn’t just slip up on the idea of ice protection. For decades, Cirrus airplanes have flown with an ever-evolving clear solution for ice.

Summary Cirrus SR22 TKS System by Airplane Generation

YearGenerationType TKS DesignTKS TanksGallonsNormal Flow
2002 – 2006G1- G2Inadvertent Icing12.960 minutes
2007 – 2009G3Inadvertent Icing13.580 minutes
2009 & laterG3 – G6FIKI28.02.5 hours
SummaryL Cirrus SR22 TKS System by Airplane Generation


Today, innovations in GA weather products, improved forecasting, better equipment and increased pilot knowledge are helping to mitigate the hazard of ice. 

In 2020, Cirrus released a completely revised professional Icing Awareness Course for owners of the FIKI-certified SR22. The course covers system components, recommended procedures and real-world scenarios to improve pilot critical decision-making skills.

Flight into forecasted or known icing introduces a hazard. Cirrus emphasizes the intent of its ice protection system is not continuous operation in icing, but a time allowance and added safety margin for escape should icing conditions be encountered.

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Jeffrey S. Brewer is CEO and Founder of Connecting Aviators® which launched in 2020 and provides the only social networking app dedicated to pilots to help them find, connect and share their passion for flying. The app provides the tools to help pilots lower their flying costs and access planes with improved safety features.

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Brewer is instrument rated and has more than 2,200 hours in piston planes, including Bonanzas, Cirrus, Cessnas and Pipers. He is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, American Bonanza Society, Experimental Aircraft Association, and Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association.

2019 Cirrus airplane cockpit with Garmin Perspective+ NXi avionics
6th generation 2019 Cirrus airplane cockpit with Garmin Perspective+ NXi avionics

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