What are the asking prices for Perspective SR22-G5 Turbos?

It has been five years since the first generation five Turbo Perspective SR22T-G5 planes began shipment.  About 25 of those pre-owned Turbo Perspective planes are available for sale today. Let’s look at the current pricing.

Cirrus Aircraft SR22s on airport ramp, photo credit wikiWings
Dreaming of an upgrade, Cirrus Aircraft SR22s, photo credit wikiWings

Cirrus shipped about 583 SR22T-G5 airplanes. Only 20 of the 25 planes were generally available for sale in the United States (subtracting 1 fractional and 4 international planes). So, 20 pre-owned planes represents about 3% of the Turbo SR22T-G5 market for sale in the States.

Factory installed air-conditioning was a common feature on 15 out of 20 planes. Flight into Known Icing (FIKI) remains a highly desired feature by pilots and was found on 17 out of 20 pre-owned planes. The turbo planes sported more premium trim and paint packages.

Hobbs times ranged from 200 to 1,090 hours (+1,000 hobbs hours was the outlier). The average hobbs time was 660 hours. This year, you’d find Turbo Perspective SR22T-G5 prices ranged from about $599,900 to $719,000 with the average price coming in at $638,000.

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