What are the pre-owned asking prices for Generation 6 SR22T Turbo planes?

In 2017, Cirrus began shipping the Generation 6 SR22T turbo airplane.  We looked at preowned asking prices and here’s what we found.  Eight G6 turbo planes for sale in the United States.  All had air-conditioning.

Preowned asking prices for the SR22T G6 ranged from $835,000 – 880,000 with 540 or less total time on airframe.

Preowned asking prices G6 SR22T Turbo planes

20171485N596CA540 834,900 YesCarbonChattanoga, TN
20171547N63YB276 849,000 YesCarbonRaleigh, NC
20171481N991EW390 869,000 YesCarbonCollege Station, TX
20171530N895JJ400 879,000 YesCarbonHenderson, NV
20171490N213KS375 879,900 YesCarbonWhite Plains, NY

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