What equipment shipped on Cirrus SR22-G1 Segment 3

The third wave of Cirrus SR22-G1s were shipped from late 2002 into 2004 (serial numbers 435-819). In this Segment, Cirrus achieved another milestone by creating the first general aviation airplane with a “glass panel.” And, conventional six-pack flight instruments literally became a GA thing of the past.

The Avidyne Entegra Primary Flight Display was offered initially as a $24,500 option. But it was such a hit almost every plane going out was purchased with the PFD. So, Cirrus made the glass panel standard equipment by mid-2003. Several equipment configurations were marketed with these planes. Let’s look at the details:

SR22-G1s Serial Segment 3 Equipment Configuration
  • A) Radio one Garmin 430 (non-WAAS), Radio two Garmin 420; S-TEC 55SR
  • B) Radio one Garmin 430 (non-WAAS), Radio two Garmin 430; S-TEC 55X

Additional options included:

  • WX500 Stormscope
  • EMAX Engine Monitor
  • Skywatch Traffic Information
  • TKS Inadvertent Ice Protection

In 2003, Cirrus created the Centennial Limited Edition SR22. These planes commemorated the Wright Brothers and a centennial of powered flight from 1903 – 2003. Only one-hundred Centennial Edition planes were manufactured. Once announced, the entire planned production run sold out in just 93 days – marketing genius.

The exterior paint finish on these planes is a “linen” white reminiscent of the fabric used on the Wright Flyer. The plane has an exclusive commemorative striping package and displays the centennial of flight logo on the vertical stabilizer. It’s the only Cirrus series to sport a McCauley propeller. The Centennial Edition was loaded with features. Click here to read all the details in my prior post Cirrus SR22 Centennial Edition.

The Centennial Limited Edition is destined to become a classic collector aircraft. These planes represented the best of everything shipped in the Cirrus SR22-G1 series.

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