What improvements went into the Generation 6 SR22?

What improvements went into the Generation 6 SR22? There are three focus areas to note: new avionics, more safety, comfort and convenience.

New Avionics: Cirrus introduced the SR22 G6 flight deck with Garmin’s newest G1000 Perspective+ NXi. The avionics feature a processing speed that is 10X faster. Garmin moved from single to dual-core processors, which increased memory from 64 megabytes to 16 gigabytes and added new Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) that can be upgraded quickly in the field. This will allow engineers to add features that were beyond the original G1000 abilities for years to come. More horsepower holds the reins to new possibilities with future GA software downloads.

Turn on the avionics and they’re alive. Zippy boot up. The screens look sharper, respond faster and show better information; such as, moving weather displays. Pan and zoom with no delays. The software has added alerts and safety features in SurfaceWatch for the airport environment. The HSI has a moving map underlay. And, other new features like VFR approaches but without terrain or obstruction clearances. Cirrus combined the ADAHRS into 2 boxes instead of 4 dual units in the previous generation.  The change saves some weight.

The Perspective center console now features a QWERTY keyboard and Cirrus added a home button that easily brings pilots back to the main navigation page.

More Safety: Cirrus teamed up with Whelen Engineering to create futuristic wingtip lighting. The beautiful Spectra Wingtip Lights increase visibility on the ground and automatically turn off once airborne.  The lights pulse in a wig-wag sequence within distance of airport terminal areas to improve safety.  And, halo lights turn on at 300 feet and dim automatically.  A remote entry key fob unlocks the doors and turns on interior and exterior lighting.

Comfort and convenience: The luxury experience is enhanced further in the Generation 6. The seats are more comfortable and feature buttery soft leather. Convenient cell phone pockets are located on the front seats and magnetic headset holding straps are positioned on the front seat shoulders.  New entry latches improve the closing and opening of the doors. The convenience of wireless Bluetooth connectivity was added, which enables phones and tables to connect to your flight deck.  You can easily transfer a flight plan into the Perspective+ NXi.

You can personalize your plane by choosing between three options: Carbon – sports car style; Platinum – more sophisticated; or Rhodinum – Timeless elegance.


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