What is the ME406 ELT annual inspection cost?

The ARTEX ME406 Emergency Locator Transmitter became a standard choice for Cirrus Aircraft. It requires a 12-month annual inspection. We have ours done each year during the aircraft annual inspection.

A local avionics shop removed the ELT for inspection and testing per FAR 91.207(d). Our cost was $148. But this does not include battery replacement. The ARTEX ME406 has a Lithium battery with a 6-year life. The advertised battery cost is about $180.

In a shared aircraft ownership, this type of cost is categorized as a “fixed expense.”  Usually, a fixed cost would be split equally among members because it’s not part of the cost calculated into the hourly operating rate.  A fixed expense can be incurred regardless of the number of hours the plane is flow.

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