Wheels Up! 2020

The first days of Summer 2020 are upon us and the heat is returning to Houston. We’re hopeful the progression of COVID-19 will recede as the temps rise and that effective treatments and a vaccine are on the near horizon to reduce the health risks we all face. No matter where you live, we hope you and your family are staying safe, and finding some time to fly.

2020 is wikiWings 7th year online and marks the milestone of more than 350 weblogs. We’re interested in general aviation market trends, technically advanced airplanes and supporting shared aircraft ownership.

We completed a five-year case study on the “Value of Shared Aircraft Ownership,” which was published in Cirrus Pilot Magazine, April 2020, Volume 15, Number 3, pages 50 – 58. Please let me know if you’d like a copy of the article and I’ll send one to you.

This year we’re researching cloud-based interactive aviator software to help pilots find, connect and share their passion for flying with like-minded aviators. We’ll post updates later in the year. Connecting Aviators® continues to be our Vision.

On approach RNAV 36 Tullahoma Regional Airport KTHA, photo credit wikiWings 2020
On approach RNAV 36 to Tullahoma Regional Airport KTHA, photo credit wikiWings 2020

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