Winds of Change – Cirrus SR22TN Turbo

We found favorable winds in all directions (East & West) on the same day with the Cirrus Perspective SR22TN Turbo.  It began with our 8:00am leg from West Houston Airport to Knoxville Tennessee.  At 17,000 feet we enjoyed a 254 knot ground speed at 16.5 gallons per hour and slightly over-shot our destination airport in less than 3.90 hours.

Cirrus Perspective wind profile view is a great feature. It assimilates wind information and presents a profile view in 2,000 foot increments on the navigation map page.  Mid-morning, from Knoxville the Perspective wind profile feature quickly determined a favorable altitude for winds to Destin Florida.  And, later that evening, it showed a lower altitude of 4,000 feet provided a tail wind back to West Houston Airport.  While any higher altitude revealed a head wind.  Information that was not easily available enroute to me on my previous general aviation flights.

The Turbo Cirrus SR22TN-G3 delivers altitude changes without any challenge.  Climb performance does not diminish as it does in normally aspirated engines.  It’s as strong at 17,000 feet as it is at sea level.  A normally aspirated engine begins to

A SR22TN Turbo Partnership
A SR22TN Turbo Partnership

noticeably lose performance at 6,000 feet. The Cirrus Perspective wind information and turbo normalized power delivers more options to maximize cross-country flight performance at multiple altitudes.

For our partnership, it’s not always about high altitude, but we  enjoy on every flight the benefits of faster climbs to cruise and easy altitude changes with Cirrus turbo performance.

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