A Different Flight Slope

This week I’m taking a break from general aviation and I’ve flown a different slope.  Ski slopes at Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado.

Conditions are great this year with lots of powder skiing.

If you’re interested in learning more about snow skiing I recommend the private lesson video series from Leto Tejada-Flores.  His instruction is organized, clear and easy to apply.  The filming is professional and just beautiful from on site in Aspen Colorado.

I believe you can still order the videos from Amazon online.  Here are the titles:

  • Breakthrough on Skis I, Expert Skiing Simplified
  • Breakthrough on Skis II, Bumps & Powder Simplified
  • Breakthrough on Skis III, The New Skis, How to get the best performance from your new shaped skis

I’ve watched this series each year before getting back out on the slopes and it has helped me to pick-up where I left off.  The video series is not a substitute for getting with professional ski instructors but it is a great addition.

Last night 6 inches of snow fell – so it’s time to boot up. Hope to see you on the slopes.

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