AOPA Aircraft Partnership Program Discontinued

Why is the AOPA aircraft partnership program being discontinued?  Effective Monday January 27, 2014 the AOPA Aircraft Partnership Program will be discontinued.

AOPA said,“We regret having to discontinue this program. AOPA’s focus at this time is on making sure that the programs and member benefits we make available are top-notch. Unfortunately, we do not have the technology resources at this time to update and maintain the Aircraft Partnership Program. We understand that a partnership program designed and functioning correctly could be a real benefit to some of our members. If resources allow in the future, we will consider making a new and improved version available.”

The Aircraft Partnership Program was aimed at helping pilots connect with other pilots to partner in airplane ownership or flying clubs. Aircraft partnerships and clubs improve access to general aviation and help to lower the cost of flying. It’s disappointing to see this program discontinued. Aviators are left with fewer options to connect with fellow pilots, aircraft partnerships and clubs.

Why did this aircraft partnership program fail?

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