Cirrus Perspective by Garmin

Cirrus Perspective by Garmin delivers an extraordinary cockpit experience. Rolled-out in May 2008, the Perspective by Garmin flight deck was the first time Cirrus

Cirrus SR22-G3 Door Thumb Latch, by
Cirrus SR22-G3 Door Thumb Latch, by

offered a fully integrated cockpit. In 2008, it was technology you’d expect to see in a jet. But now, more than half a decade later, maybe it’s not so much of a surprise. Yet, each time I slide into the seat and turn-on the power, I still catch myself grinning.

It’s based on the Garmin G1000 platform but includes many enhancements unique to the already best-selling Cirrus SR22. The screens, communication, navigation, keyboard console and autopilot are all Garmin components that have been integrated into one system.

Some highlights of the system include:

  • A perfectly placed center keyboard console
  • 12-inch screens that are 35% larger than previous 10.4-inch Avidyne models
  • Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)
  • Airway navigation through highways in the sky (HITS)
  • Sophisticated GFC 700 automated flight control system
  • Integrated messaging with both audio and visual alerts

One of the first things I noticed was it’s well thought out pilot centric design.  For example,

Cirrus Perspective by Garmin
Cirrus Perspective by Garmin

the center console alpha numeric keyboard is less than an arm’s length away. In flight you can rest your hand on top of the console and change communication and transponder frequencies with an easy push of your thumb.

For transponder code, just press “XPDR” and four numeric keys with your thumb.  The transponder code automagically activates. No enter button required. Simple.

To change communication code, just press “COM” and five numeric keys with your thumb. No enter button or decimal required. Simple.  You flip-flop frequencies with just a press of the arrow button under your thumb.

You’ll find comfortable ergonomics that work well in turbulence or smooth flight, day or night.

Cirrus SR22 Side Yoke
Cirrus SR22 Side Yoke

Oh, and did I mention – the way she talks to me.  Cirrus has a female voice. She’s part of the audible integrated caution messaging.

So, general aviation . . . well, she has some “new clothes” and you have some new choices, in advanced performance composite aircraft for personal transportation.

It feels alright, and kinda’ reminds me of the 1966 Rolling Stones song “Under My thumb.”

So, take it easy. The change has come . . . it’s “under your thumb.”

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