COPA Migrations are fun and deliver valuable pilot information

Every year COPA’s Migration committee works hard to line up great speakers, special trade-shows, and social events. And, I attended this year’s M13 September 10 – 13, Deep In the Heart of Texas, at Addison Texas, which was another great gathering.

COPA has Cirrus maintenance cost information

COPA M13, Addison Texas, Roger Whittier's Owner Maintenance Class at Clear Star Aviation, photo by wikiWings
COPA M13, Addison Texas, Roger Whittier’s Owner Maintenance Class at Clear Star Aviation, photo by wikiWings

Among the many seminars offered, I joined the Owners Maintenance Class, taught by Roger Whittier, COPA Vice President & Technical Liaison. The program began in the classroom at the Intercontinental hotel and then transitioned to a hangar at Clear Star for practical hands on discussion. Roger taught the basics of what an aircraft owner needs to know and how to apply that knowledge to aircraft maintenance decisions. If you have not attended Rodger’s workshop, I recommend it.

COPA membership has many benefits. During M13 I learned about the COPA Garmin Pilot Pak discount, which is also available to Avidyne owners. Our Cirrus shared ownership had not taken advantage of this COPA discount. It offers you 15 months of software subscription for the price of 12 months. A very good COPA discount, and Garmin applied it to our subscription renewal this year when I called with the information.

Hope to see you at a 2016 COPA event.

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