Here’s a summary of SR22-G2 improvements from 2005-2007

In this article, we’ll summarize improvements made to the second generation SR22 from 2005 through 2007. In the early years, Cirrus design changes were not limited to a model year release, as we have come to expect with other manufacturers. Cirrus implemented second generation design improvements throughout the year. That’s why the best guide to changes during this period are serial numbers not just the model year.

Serial number 1520; in 2005 front seat airbags standard became a standard safety feature.

Serial number 1663; In the fall of 2005 Cirrus rolled out significant electrical system changes. The Master Control Unit (MCU) was upgraded to the MCU130. It’s located in the engine compartment on the left side of the firewall adjacent to the external power port. The first generation

Master Control Unit (MCU), Cirrus SR22 G2, photo by wikiWings
Master Control Unit (MCU), Cirrus SR22 G2, photo by wikiWings

SR22-G1 MCU was located at the top center of the engine firewall.

Serial number 1663; A new upgraded Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) delivered more display information to the Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multifunction Display (MFD). The DAU was relocated from the hot engine compartment to the cockpit wall, which improved reliability and allowed for better sealing of the firewall. You can spot this design change by the absence of analog gauges and the presence of a glove box on the co-pilot panel.

Serial number 1663; The alternator was amped-up, from 60 amps to 100 amps.  This change supported factory installed air-conditioning. And, Cirrus added an improved climate control configuration.

Serial number 1863; a flight timer added beside the hobbs meter.  Flight timer activation occurs when the plane’s airspeed reaches about 30 knots.

Serial number 2037; A turbo ready firewall became standard.  The signature edition SR22-G2 Turbo was released in 2006.

Serial number 2043; Cirrus redesigned the alternate static air system.

Serial number 2043; marks the definitive conclusion to second generation SR22-G2 design changes.

Serial number 2437; identifies the last second generation SR22-G2 airplane manufactured. This list does not include avionic improvements during the second generation SR22-G2 period.

Serial number 2438 in the spring of 2007, identifies the starting serial numbers for the third generation SR22 airplane. It’s said, Cirrus Aircraft certified more than 700 design improvements into the Generation Three SR22, including a completely redesigned wing. There were two other G3 Wings were manufactured prior to this date with serial numbers 2334 & 2420. Read the previous article, “A Wing Up” for detailed  information about the G3 wing.

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