How many Cirrus SR22-G2 airplanes shipped?

Cirrus airplanes on the ramp. SR22-G2 foreground, credit wikiWings
Cirrus airplanes on the ramp. SR22-G2 foreground, credit wikiWings

From 2004 until 2007, Cirrus shipped about 1,616 second generation SR22 airplanes. The first SR22-G2 was shipped in 2004 (serial number 0821) and the series continued until early 2007 when the last second generation plane was completed (serial number 2437).

Supply and demand is a factor in determining market prices.  If you’re interested in selling or purchasing a pre-owned plane it’s helpful to know the model number manufactured and an estimate of those planes on the market for sale.

At the time of this article, Controller listed 28 normally aspirated and 7 Turbo second generation SR22 planes for sale. Of the 28 planes, I found 5 listed in the wrong category – as just SR22’s instead of SR22-G2’s.  If a buyer’s search and purchase consideration doesn’t include a plane because it’s hard to find then nominal supply is lower.

A current supply estimate of SR22-G2’s would be about 2% of the total planes manufactured (35 listings / 1,616 G2’s manufactured = 2%).  Brokers say, less than 3% supply of pre-owned planes for sale in a given production series is a relatively low number.

You might increase this count with a few more found on Trade-A-Plane, COPA or specialty broker sites.  But the number above includes foreign sale listings, which would need to be subtracted to determine availability in the United States (foreign listings = 3). And, if Turbo is not on your list the number drops further.

During the previous weeks, we published articles that reviewed the significant changes incorporated into second generation SR22. Next, we’ll look at current asking prices for the SR22-G2 planes.

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