Here’s the syllabus for our Introduction to Mountain Flying Course

Mountain Flying above Beaver Creek Colorado Ski Resort
Mountain Flying above Beaver Creek Colorado Ski Resort, photo credit wikiWings

If you’re interested in flying near mountains you must realize it’s very valuable to receive expert instruction. There are many mountain flight training programs based around the Rockies. Choose one and get with a local expert for personal training.

In Cirrus speak, you’ll want to have a plan to increase both your Critical Decision Making (CDM) and Cirrus Pilot Proficiency (CPP) skills. But CDM may be the most important, as astronaut Frank Borman said, “A superior pilot uses his superior judgement to avoid situations which require the use of his superior skill.”

Here’s the ground instruction syllabus for our Introduction to Mountain Flying Course, by Loren French with Alpine Flight Training. The course introduction begins with a strategy discussion. You’ll want a personal strategy to put as many conditions as possible in your favor.

Call it your risk mitigation plan. At a minimum, that plan will cover these 5 topics from the perspective of flying near mountains.

5 Key Topics of Mountain Flying
  1. Airplane Performance
  2. Route Planning
  3. Mountain Weather
  4. Terrain Flying
  5. Survival

The introductory Alpine Flight Training ground instruction and practical flying experience focused on these five key topic areas. The context for training was Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flying at or below 12,000 feet. Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), approaches and departures were not part of the course training.

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