How Many Cirrus SR22 G2s Shipped?

Matt Bergwall, with Cirrus Aircraft, said the first official SR22-G2 was serial number 0821 produced in 2004 and the last generation two SR22-G2 was produced in the spring of 2007 as serial number 2437. Cirrus shipped a total of about 1,616 SR22-G2’s.

SR22-G2 models evolved out of a 14-month operations project to improve production efficiency at Cirrus. The original intent was to lower production cost, but the results delivered improved performance and enhanced maintenance features. Many of the airframe parts and interior pieces were completely redesigned. The cowling was reshaped to be more aerodynamic and the exhaust stacks on bottom were moved closer to the fuselage. The design changes improved engine cooling, and increased cruise speed by about 5 knots to a book of 185 knots. The wing TKS inadvertent ice system reduce cruise speeds by about 4 knots which resulted in net airspeed remaining the same.

You’ll still see previously owned SR22-G2’s and SR22-G3’s advertising 6-point engine mounts. Don’t be confused, the 6-point engine mount became standard equipment during the pre-G2 production run. All G2’s and G3’s have the standard 6-point mount to minimize vibration vs. the 4 point mount that were on very early model SR22’s.

Here are a few design change highlights by serial number:

  • 1520: Front seat airbags standard
  • In the fall of 2005 Cirrus rolled out significant electrical system changes with serial number 1663. The Master Control Unit (MCU) was upgraded to the MCU130. It’s located in the engine compartment on the left side of the firewall adjacent to the external power port. On
    Master Control Unit (MCU), Cirrus SR22 G2, photo by wikiWings
    Master Control Unit (MCU), Cirrus SR22 G2, photo by wikiWings

    the G1 the MCU was located at the top center of the engine firewall.

  • 1663: A new upgraded Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) brought more display information to the PFD and MFD. The DAU was relocated from the hot engine compartment to the cockpit wall, which improved reliability and allowed for better sealing of the firewall. You can spot this design change by the absence of analog gauges and the presence of a glove box on the co-pilot panel.
  • 1663: The alternator was upped to 100 amps. Vs. 60 amp, to accommodate air-conditioning. And, Cirrus added a new climate control configuration.
  • 1863: Flight timer added.  Activation occurs when airspeed hits 30 knots (watch your taxi speed:-)
  • 2037: Turbo ready firewall standard.
  • 2043: Redesigned alternate static air system
  • 2043: Conclusion to definitive SR22-G2 design changes
  • 2437: Last SR22-G2 airplane series manufactured
  • 2438: First SR22-G3 airplane series begin, spring 2007. Two other G3 Wings were manufactured prior to this date with serial numbers 2334 & 2420.

This list does not include avionic improvements during the SR22-G2 period.

Cirrus design changes are not limited to a model year release, as we have come to expect with other manufacturers. Cirrus has regularly implemented design improvements during calendar years. That’s why the best guide to changes are serial numbers not just the model year.

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