How much does a Cirrus SR22 Centennial Edition cost?

In 2003, Cirrus produced in a limited production run only one-hundred SR22 Centennial Edition airplanes. Many pilots claim the Centennial is a best value among pre-G2 planes and a sweet spot for pre-owned Cirrus aircraft.

I’m writing to the pilot that doesn’t have ready access to Cirrus planes, but wants to learn more about the features and model year that might fit their budget.  That was my situation when I began looking at Cirrus Aircraft.

The SR22 Centennial was one of the first planes I looked at after deciding to transition from flying aluminum into advanced performance composite aircraft.

The fully loaded well-equipped IFR Centennial Edition originally sold for $389,550, and new owners enjoyed a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the engine and received personal accessories to compliment the purchase including: 2 Centennial logo jackets, 2 caps, 2 shirts, luggage, umbrella, flight bag, and aircraft model with matching tail number.  It all added to the excitement  and personal historic moment of taking ownership.

Two years ago, owners were fairly firm on their pricing – Centennials were about $159,000 in 2012. It appears prices have increased slightly from that number.

The pre-owned price increase is probably related to several factors: better economy, limited supply with steady demand and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute (CAPS) has now been replaced on these 2003 models. Because CAPS maintenance is a 10 year cycle, this work should already be done on pre-G2’s you might also be considering (built between 2001 – 2003).

CAPS replacement cost is higher on pre-G2 planes, including Centennials, because there’s no easy access to the airframe parachute system, which Cirrus changed on later models.  The added labor to patch, refinish and paint the composite adds several thousands of dollars to the CAPS cost of about $13,400. If you’re budgeting, add the CAPS line-cutter replacement cost of $1,100 which is required in year six of the life cycle for all CAPS systems.

Beginning in 2004, with G2 planes, Cirrus added an easy access panel from the luggage compartment which lowered CAPS replacement cost.

How much does a Cirrus SR22 Centennial Edition cost?

This past week, Controller only advertised two Centennial planes, both had low airframe times, and a summary is shown in the table below:

Centennial Serial # Tail Price Total time
2003 705 N224SJ $199,500 670
2003 739 N114ML $176,500 850

Tail number N114ML is an estate sale and several offers have already been submitted to the court.  The high offer is for $176,500.  Court approval is expected within two weeks.  No significant owner upgrades to original equipment.  Plane included: Emax, Cmax, Chart View, Garmin 340 panel, and Garmin 327 transponder.  The CAPS was replaced in 2003.

Tail number N224SJ with a price of $199,500 is a very good value because of owner upgrades.  The previous owner spent $60,000 on upgrades including:

  • Dual Garmin 430 with WAAS, Garmin TAWS, GMA-340 audio panel, GTX-327 transponder, DFC-90 autopilot, XM Music & Weather, L3 Skywatch Traffic with VIP Upgrade, Emax, Cmax, Forced Aeromotive Supercharger, and four place semi-portal oxygen.

That’s a comprehensive list of owner upgrades you can use as a shopping list for any pre-G2 plane.  This plane also has the CAPS already replaced.

A very desirable owner upgrade is WAAS, which I understand, costs about $8,000 to install on Cirrus planes. It improves instrument approach accuracy and provides one piece of equipment you’ll need for “ADS-B Out,” which is an installed certified WAAS for accurate position reporting. Portable equipment will not meet the “ADS-B Out” mandate.

This is a brief intro to the Cirrus SR22 Centennial Edition aircraft and a high-level price check of the pre-owned market. To be an informed buyer, you’ll need to research the market and perform your own due diligence.

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