How much does a Cirrus SR22 pre-G2 cost?

What’s the purchase price for a SR22 pre-G2 aircraft? Avionics equipment can vary a lot on pre-G2 airplanes. The price should reflect equipment, upgrades, total time and condition.

In 2001, the first SR22’s were equipped with “six pack instruments,” and an Arnav ICDS-200 Multi-Function Display. It has somewhat lower screen resolution and fewer functions than the Avidyne MFD (cannot display CMax).  I believe the Arnav MFD’s are on SR22’s with serial numbers 0002 though 0141.  The Avidyne MFD eventually became standard equipment by 2002.

Cirrus SR22-G1, photo credit wikiWings
Cirrus SR22-G1, photo credit wikiWings

In 2002, the Avidyne Entegra Primary Flight Display (PFD) was a $24,500 upgrade to the SR22’s “B” configuration, which replaced the Sandel SN3308 EHSI and repositioned the back-up indicators for attitude, airspeed, and altitude to the lower panel just below the PFD.

The 2003 SR22 pre-G2 original base price was $313,900 for a well-equipped IFR airplane with Avidyne PFD & MFD. Factory options included upgrades to the S-Tec autopilot, a Garmin GNS 430 instead of the standard GNS 420, L3 Stormscope, SkyWatch Traffic, Avidyne EMax engine and fuel monitoring system, and the TKS inadvertent Ice protection.

There are no pre-G2 “GTS” planes. The Cirrus “GTS” designation did not become available until 2004. But many pre-G2 planes on the market today do have significant owner upgrades.

A very desirable owner upgrade is WAAS, which I understand, costs about $8,000 to install on Cirrus planes. It improves instrument approach accuracy and provides one piece of equipment you’ll need for “ADS-B Out,” which is an installed certified WAAS for accurate position reporting. Portable equipment will not meet the “ADS-B Out” mandate.

Other desirable owner upgrades include: DFC-90 autopilot, and air-conditioning Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), which was not available as a Cirrus factory option until July 2006.

For pre-G2 planes, you should verify whether it has a four or six-point engine mount.  The Cirrus runs smoother on a six-point mount and that became standard equipment on all Cirrus planes before the G2 model roll-out. Upgrading a pre-G2 plane to a six-point mount costs more than $10,000.

Cirrus produced about 771 SR22 pre-G2 airplanes. They were manufactured from 2001 through 2003. Only a hand-full of these planes are on the market.

This past week, Controller advertised 17 pre-G2 planes that were either 2003 or 2002. There were no 2001 models on Controller. Two planes were excluded from this analysis because one was foreign registered and another was a fractional sale.

Two Centennials were also excluded, which left just a baker’s dozen for this simple price check (Centennial pricing will be in next week’s blog).

How much does a SR22 pre-G2 cost?

Year Planes Low High
2003 5 $149,000 $179,000
2002 8 $140,000 $175,000
2001 n/a      n/a      n/a

Source: Controller

Note: A price outlier was excluded from the above price range, based on a quick review of the plane’s equipment and total time.

Average total time on the pre-G2 plane was 1,120 hours.  Low total time was 650 and high was about 1,480 hours.

This is a brief intro to the Cirrus SR22 pre-G2 aircraft and a high-level check of pre-owned pricing. To be an informed buyer, you’ll want to research the market and perform your own due diligence.

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