5 Categories – Pre-Owned Market Cirrus Aircraft

The pre-owned market for Cirrus SR22 aircraft can be divided into 5 categories as follows:

5 Categories – Pre-Owned Cirrus SR22 Aircraft

  • SR22 G1
  • SR22-G2
  • SR22-G3 Avidyne
  • SR22-G3 Perspective
  • SR22-G5
  • SR22-G6 (added 2017)

Why is it helpful to organize by category?  These five categories summarize the major SR22 model changes. And, if you group earlier production models with similar design features together it will be easier to analyze the market.  The structure provides a framework to compare design changes, market prices, and production quantities.

Many design innovations have occurred with the Cirrus SR-Series over the past 15 years.  Numerous aviation articles explain these changes in detail and I’ve written about some of them in past articles on wikiWings.

This article focuses on production quantities within these five categories primarily for the Cirrus SR22 but contains some information on the SR20.

How might you use this information on production quantities?  It can help you assess the supply and demand in the pre-owned market for Cirrus Aircraft.  For example, over a year ago, I could always find 1 or 2 Centennial’s advertised on Controller or Trade-A-Plane but I’ve not seen any this summer.  Some pilots say it’s the best value for pre-G2 planes, but only 100 Centennial Editions were produced.

SR22 G1

In 1999, Cirrus Design shipped their first aircraft, the SR20.  In 2001, the first SR22 shipped.  A total of about 771 Cirrus SR22 pre-G2 planes shipped between 2001 and 2003. Although not formally designated some aviators refer to this series of Cirrus aircraft as generation-one (G1).

How many Pre SR22-G2’s shipped?

Year SR22 SR20 Total
2003 355 112 467
2002 292 105 397
2001 124 59 183
2000 95 95
1999 9 9
Total pre-G2’s 771 380 1,151

In 2003, Cirrus created the Centennial Edition SR22 to commemorate the Wright Brothers first flight 100 years before in 1903. Only 100 Centennial Edition aircraft were produced. Success with the option loaded Centennial made it the precursor to the Cirrus GTS package.


In 2003, the G2 concept model was announced but the first official SR22-G2 plane was serial number 0821 shipped in 2004. The last SR22-G2 was produced in the spring of 2007 as serial number 2437.  Based on serial numbers, a total of about 1,661 SR22-G2 planes were shipped (includes both SR22 turbo and SR22 non-turbo). The table below is an estimation based on GAMA numbers.

In late 2004, Cirrus introduced “GTS” as the term for a “fully option loaded” airplane.  In 2006, the first Cirrus SR22-Turbo hit the market as a signed Klapmeier signature edition.

How Many SR22-G2 Aircraft Shipped?

Year SR22 Turbo G2 SR22 G2 Total
2007 * 75 57 132
2006 30 535 565
2005 475 475
2004 459 459
Total 105 1,526 1,631

*Note: 2007 Cirrus SR22-G2 shipments are estimated as 3/12 of calendar total GAMA numbers.  The SR22-G3 shipments began in the spring of 2007.

SR22-G3 Avidyne

In 2007, the first SR22-G3 shipped with serial number 2438, and the standard avionics package that year was Avidyne.  In 2008, Cirrus Perspective by Garmin made its début.  During a portion of 2008, customers could choose between either Avidyne or Perspective as their avionics package.  But before year-end Avidyne was no longer an option.  It is estimated, based on GAMA numbers, that about 600 SR22-G3 Avidyne planes shipped between 2007 & 2008.

How many SR22-G3 Avidyne planes shipped?

Year SR22 Turbo G3 SR22 G3 Total
2008 * 125 89 214
2007 * 225 171 396
Total 350 260 610

*Note: 2007 Cirrus SR22-G3 Avidynes are estimated as 75% of calendar GAMA shipment numbers.  2008 Cirrus SR22-G3 Avidynes are estimated as 50% of calendar GAMA shipment numbers.

SR22-G3 Perspective

In 2008, Cirrus Perspective by Garmin reached the market and became the standard avionics package. It’s a coveted year for buyers wanting the Cirrus Perspective SR22 because, only a few hundred Perspectives were produced in 2008, and very few are on the market today.  Pre-owned prices for the 2009 model jump about $50K for the almost identical plane.

The SR22-G3 Perspective flight deck is a significant advancement over the Avidyne configuration for Cirrus Aircraft. Although not formally designated, this configuration could easily become the missing generation-four (G4) category of Cirrus Aircraft.

How many SR22-G3 Perspective planes shipped?

Year SR22 Turbo G3 SR22 G3 Total
2012 88 81 169
2011 102 105 207
2010 107 115 222
2009 150 88 238
2008 * 125 89 214
Total 572 478 1,050

*Note: 2008 Cirrus SR22-G3 Perspectives are estimated as 50% of calendar GAMA shipment numbers.


In 2013, the SR22-G5 model début with the stunning announcement of a 200-pound useful load increase along with other feature enhancements. If you work-out at the gym, place four (4) 45lb plates on a bar to get a sense of the additional useful load.  It truly is a remarkable achievement by the Cirrus design team.

How many SR22-G5 planes shipped?

Year SR22 Turbo G5 SR22 G5 Total
2013 132 112 244
Total 132 112 244

Note: Cirrus skipped over “G4” nomenclature in favor of marketing the “G5”

Source: GAMA.aero

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