How much does a Cirrus SR22-G2 GTS cost?

GTS models offer a good price check point because these planes have fully loaded avionics, along with similar interior and exterior enhancements. What are the asking prices for Cirrus SR22-G2 GTS planes?

For a low-time SR22-G2 GTS with air-conditioning, and no other owner upgrades, expect an asking price around $259,000. Pricing should reflect total time, condition and owner upgrades, such as, air-conditioning, WAAS or DFC-90 autopilot.

Prices are about the same as what I saw two years ago; however, relative prices are slightly higher for a couple of reasons: first, the planes in general have several hundred more hours; second, the 10 year CAPS replacement cycle is now a near-term cost on many G2 models.

In September 2013, Controller advertised just twenty-three Cirrus SR22-G2 GTS models. I excluded nineteen non-GTS planes from this review (see future blog post for non-GTS price summary).

Only six of the GTS models had air-conditioning; which was a “must have” item on our shopping list and that option divided the pre-owned market for us because of the post-factory installation expense and time required.

Air-conditioning was not available as a Cirrus factory option until July 2006. But a number of owners have added air-conditioning on earlier models and its at least a $25,000 STC installation.

with air-conditioning, Asking Price SR22-G2 GTS

2006 3 $195,000 1890 $259,000 517
2005 3 $220,000 1370 $259,000 1064

A very desirable owner upgrade is WAAS, which I understand, costs about $8,000 to install on Cirrus planes.  Just one of six planes with air-conditioning had the upgraded navigation but seven of the planes without air-conditioned had WAAS.  It was not until later in 2007, when G3 production started, that WAAS became a standard item.

without Air-conditioning, Asking Price SR22-G2 GTS

2007 1 $255,000 1205 $255,000 1205
2006 2 $239,000 1680 $239,000 2081
2005 13 $165,000 1790 $249,000 345
2004 1 $174,900 1794 $174,900 1794

The first official G2 was in 2004 and rolled out with serial number 22-0821, and production continued until the spring of 2007 when the keys to serial number 22-2437 were handed over to their new owner. In all, Cirrus produced about 1,661 SR22-G2 aircraft between 2004 and 2007.

Owners of 2004 aircraft should be completing the CAPS maintenance cycle now and it’s a known upcoming cost on the 2005 and 2006 models. The estimated cost for CAPS replacement is $13,400.

You shouldn’t expect to see price declines if the economy improves further and demand from buyers continues to match supply of G2’s for sale. More pilots are deciding to transition into advanced composite high-performance personal transportation and very few SR22-G2 GTS planes are on the market today.

Many pilots believe the SR22-G2 is a sweet spot among pre-owned Cirrus Aircraft. To be an informed buyer, you’ll want to research the market and perform your own due diligence.

This article does not focus on the many certificated improvements made during the generation-2 production run. But you will want to understand the differences by serial number that occurred from 2004 – 2006. Below are several related blog articles on that topic.

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Appendix – Controller advertising summary

With Air-Conditioning

Year Serial # Tail # Asking TTAF GTS WAAS A/C Autopilot
2006 2252 N718SR $259,000 517 Y N Y 55X
2005 1699 N945CD $259,900 1064 Y N Y 55X
2005 1647 N367BM $220,000 1370 Y Y Y DFC-90
2006 1888 N422TB $200,000 1600 Y N Y 55X
2006 2242 N329A $195,000 1890 Y N Y 55X
2005 1695 N587CD $239,000 2415 Y N Y 55X

Without Air-Conditioning

Year Serial # Tail # Asking Price TTAF GTS WAAS A/C Autopilot
2005 1710 N596CD 249,000 345 Y N N 55X
2005 1361 N809RJ 237,500 770 Y Y N 55X
2005 1282 N343JH 229,000 935 Y N N 55X
2005 1499 N996CD 210,000 1030 Y N N 55X
2005 1506 N700HG 235,000 1055 Y Y N 55X
2005 1697 N121BR call 1120 Y N N 55X
2007 2315 N315SR 255,000 1205 y N N 55X
2005 1605 N495CD 209,900 1208 Y Y N 55X
2005 1434 N371CD 198,900 1345 Y N N 55X
2005 1263 N395CD 187,000 1650 Y N N 55X
2005 1409 N528HE 219,000 1675 Y Y N 55X
2005 1609 N273ES 185,000 1678 Y N N 55X
2006 2189 N629LF 239,000 1680 Y Y N DFC-90
2005 1491 N789AM 165,000 1790 Y Y N DFC-90
2004 1222 N802NX 174,900 1794 Y Y N DFC-90
2006 2060 N128BV 239,000 2081 Y N N 55X
2005 1355 N306CD 184,900 2295 Y N N 55X

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