How much does a non-GTS Cirrus SR22-G2 cost?

You’ll need to do your homework on non-GTS models because the avionic options can vary by plane, and many now have significant owner upgrades.  What are the asking prices for non-GTS Cirrus SR22-G2 aircraft?

In September 2013, Controller advertised just eighteen non-GTS Cirrus SR22-G2 models for sale in the United States.

Half of the non-GTS models had air-conditioning; which is a key option dividing the pre-owned market because of the post-factory installation price and time required. You can add air-conditioning but it’s at least a $25,000 STC installation. Air-conditioning was not available as a Cirrus factory option until July 2006.


Non-GTS Low High
9 $189,900 $299,000


Non-GTS Low High
9 $205,000 $259,000

A 2004, low time non-GTS SR22-G2 (790 hours) without air-conditioning, very clean, loaded with all avionic options, and with an Avidyne R9 Flight Deck upgrade, including WAAS and synthetic vision, had an asking price of $249,000.  I understand the Avidyne R9 upgrade was somewhere between $70K – $90K but I didn’t chase down the exact cost.

A 2005, low time non-GTS SR22-G2 (756 hours) with air-conditioning, and no other owner upgrades, advertised as “like new” had an asking price of $269,000.

A 2006, non-GTS SR22-G2 (2,439 hours), with air-conditioning, had an asking price of $299,000. But the aircraft had significant owner upgrades, like a beautiful 2013 “GTSx” paint scheme per Cirrus technical specifications, professionally painted, with all paint products approved by Cirrus Aircraft, a four blade MT composite prop, and a factory overhauled engine by Continental Motors with 386 hours.

Pricing should reflect total time, condition and owner upgrades.

Prices are about the same as what I saw two years ago; however, relative prices are slightly different because: first, the planes in general have several hundred more hours; second, some G2’s on the market have owner upgrades I never saw two years ago; and third, the 10 year CAPS replacement cycle is now a near-term cost on many G2’s.

Some G2’s have all the factory options but the plane is not a GTS. A few buyers didn’t want the early GTS package because it was only offered with a black interior; therefore, some owners checked all the boxes to include every factory option available at the time, except GTS.

Many pilots believe the SR22-G2 is a sweet spot among pre-owned Cirrus Aircraft. To be an informed buyer, you’ll want to research the market and perform your own due diligence.

This article does not focus on the many certificated improvements made during the generation-2 production run. But you will want to understand the differences by serial number that occurred from 2004 – 2006. Below are several related blog articles on that topic.

 Appendix – Controller advertising summary

With Air-Conditioning

Year Serial # Tail # Price TTAF GTS WAAS A/C Autopilot
2005 1704 N640CD $269,000 756 N N Y 55X
2006 1990 N232SR $254,900 890 N N Y 55X
2005 1624 N607PK $237,000 985 N N Y 55X
2004 941 N432CD $194,900 1375 N N Y 55X
2004 2101 N717WH call 1510 N N Y DFC-90
2004 1039 N776CD $189,900 1865 N N Y 55X
2005 1264 N18PN call 2156 N Y Y DFC-90
2006 2276 N290SR $299,000 2439 N N Y DFC-90
2006 2010 N834SR $242,500 2648 N N Y 55X

Without Air-Conditioning

Year Serial # Tail # Price TTAF GTS WAAS A/C DFC-90
2004 n/a n/a 224,900 375 N N N 55X
2005 1291 N147PB 239,000 522 N Y N DFC-90
2004 1146 N152SB call 624 N N N 55X
2004 874 N8554R $249,000 790 N Y N DFC-100
2004 864 N53511 209,500 914 N N N 55X
2006 1789 N694CD 235,000 1235 N Y N DFC-90
2004 1033 N556CD 259,000 2020 N N N 55X
2004 1048 N448SR 235,000 N Y N 55X
2004 1054 N80FB 205,000 N N N 55X

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