How much does a Cirrus Perspective SR22-G3 cost?

The first Cirrus Perspective by Garmin SR22 was manufactured in 2008. It’s a coveted year for buyers wanting the Perspective, and the first production year should provide the lowest pre-owned asking prices, but that’s not the situation anymore.

Currently, demand is greater than supply and it may stay that way. This month, there were no 2008 models listed on Controller. This past summer, I saw one 2008 normally aspirated (non-turbo) Perspective but the asking price after adjusting for total time was higher than that of a turbo Cirrus Perspective SR22TN.

When I was looking two years ago, there were numerous listings for normally aspirated 2008 Cirrus Perspectives, but today few reach the market on sites like Controller.

So, what are the prices for non-turbo Cirrus SR22-G3’s with the Perspective by Garmin flight deck? Expect an asking price of $459,000 for a low-time GTS aircraft with air-conditioning.

If you can find a 2008 model, you might see a slightly lower asking price. At the time of this article, I saw only four (4) non-turbo Cirrus Perspective SR22’s for sale in the United States.

It’s estimated that Cirrus only produced about 90 normally aspirated Cirrus Perspective by Garmin SR22-G3’s in 2008. From 2008 through 2012, about 480 normally aspirated Cirrus Perspective SR22-G3’s were shipped.  Cirrus introduced the SR22-G5 beginning in 2013.

Some pilots state the SR22-G3 with the Perspective by Garmin flight deck is the “sweet spot” for pre-owned Cirrus Aircraft. And, for owners now holding those aircraft I’d have to agree.

If you’re in the market to purchase a Cirrus SR22 Perspective by Garmin then consider a turbo.  Currently, asking prices for a turbo 2008 Cirrus Perspective are about the same as a non-turbo, which I believe makes the pre-owned 2008 turbo Perspective a better value.

Appendix: Controller summary

Asking Prices Cirrus Perspective SR22-G3 (non-turbo)

Year Serial # Tail # Price TTAF A/C TKS EVS/WX500 GTS Damper
2009 3419 N97CK 459,000 600 Y FIKI n/a GTSx Y
2009 3390 N226TX 375,000 1650 Y TKS n/a GTS Y
2011 3761 N2288D 469,000 530 Y FIKI EVS GTS Y
2011 3819 N519CB 485,000 850 Y FIKI n/a GTSx Y


  • TTAF = Total Time on Airframe
  • A/C = Air-conditioning
  • EVS = Enhance Vision System camera
  • WX500 = Storm Scope
  • Yaw Damper: Only available on Perspective. Not available on Avidyne Entegra

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