Introduction to Generation 5 Cirrus SR22 G5

In 2013, Cirrus rolled-out the fifth generation SR22 airplane.  Production continued until 2017 when the sixth generation SR22-G6 airplane was launched. Cirrus shipped about 1,073 SR22-G5 airplanes. At the time of this article, there were 40 pre-owned SR22-G5 airplanes listed for sale, which represents about 3.7 percent of total production (25 turbos & 15 normally aspirated).

The most notable change was a 200 pound increase in useful load, which raised the maximum gross weight to 3,600 lbs. The plane included Teledyne Continental Motors new normally aspirated IO-550-N, 310 horse power engine with higher Time Before Overhaul (TBO) of 2,200 hours.

The SR22-G5 includes five seats, with flexible 60/40 seating in back, and comes standard with the new Beringer AERO performance braking system and tubeless tires.  ADS-B was standard equipment in 2013 as was the GFC 700 autopilot.

Cirrus SR22-G5 shipments Turbo and Normally Aspirated

Year SR22T SR22 Total
2016  149  133  282
2015  142  128  270
2014  160  117  277
2013  132  112  244
Total  1,073

Note: There is no G4, Cirrus skipped the generation four designation.

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