Precious Cargo

“The reasons you wouldn’t consider anything but “The Plane With the Parachute.”

“When you think about it, why would you consider an airplane that didn’t have a parachute? The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS®), standard on every Cirrus ever made, was part of the design of the airplane from the very beginning.”

“The goal: create the ultimate in personal flight safety from the ground up. The result: the Cirrus family of revolutionary personal aircraft.”

“The Cirrus Life is about the peace of mind knowing that you are flying in the only aircraft in the world with the ultimate safety feature – CAPS®.”

Happy passengers in Cirrus Aircraft SR22
Happy passengers in Cirrus Aircraft SR22

Reference: Cirrus Aircraft Corporation, The Cirrus Life™ marketing brochure, p. 21, 2017.

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