Reason 19 – Turbocharged Cirrus

Who’s the market leader in High Performance piston single-engine sales of four-seat aircraft (planes with 200 hp or more)? Let’s look at the numbers.

Reason 19 – About half of all high performance single-engine piston sales are Turbocharged.

Cirrus knows “High Performance.” In 2014, they claimed an 83 percent market share by shipping 308 high performance aircraft. Among all manufacturers, a total of 372 high performance four-seat piston single-engine aircraft were shipped last year. Yes, I know Cirrus has five seats and Bonanza has six, but they compete among the same target group of buyers.

About half of the buyers chose to go Turbocharged.

High Performance 4-Seat 2014
Cirrus SR22T Turbo 160
Cirrus SR22 117
Cirrus SR20 31
Bonanza G36 32
Cessna TTX Turbo 22
Piper Arrow 201 8
Mooney M20TN Turbo 1
Maule M7-235 1
Cessna 182T Turbo 0
Cessna 182 0
Total High Performance 372
Total Turbo 183
Percent Turbocharged 49%

No shipments were reported for the Cessna 182.

Source: The 2014 General Aviation Manufacturers Association ( Report provided shipment statistics for this discussion – “four-seat high performance piston single-engine airplanes.”

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