Reason 18 – Turbocharged Cirrus

Who’s the market leader in turbocharged piston single-engine sales? The 2014 General Aviation Manufacturers Association ( Report provided shipment statistics for this discussion – “four-seat piston single-engine turbocharged airplanes.”

Let’s look at the numbers.

In 2014, Composite Technically Advanced High Performance aircraft dominated the turbocharged market. The Cirrus SR22T and Cessna TTx combined claimed 99% of all four-seat turbocharged piston single-engine shipments.

Reason 18 – Cirrus is the market leader in turbocharged aircraft sales

The majority of turbocharged buyers prefer Cirrus Aircraft. Cirrus has an impressive 87% market share in this group. Yes, I know the Cirrus SR22T has five seats, but the primary owners are from among those seeking a high performance “four-passenger” aircraft.

Aircraft 2014 Turbo Mkt.
Cirrus SR22T 160 87%
Cessna TTX 22 12%
Mooney M20TN 1 1%
Cessna 182T 0 0%
Total 183

Mooney is back, and production of the Turbonormalized Mooney Acclaim M20TN has resumed at their Kerrville, Texas facility. There will be more Mooney shipments in 2015. Cessna did not report any shipment or sales of the Turbocharged Skylane C-182T’s in 2014.

The Turbocharged Piper Matrix, Piper Mirage, and Cessna’s Turbo Stationair generally target pilots with the  need for larger passenger capacity.  Shipments of these aircraft in 2014 are listed below:

Piper Malibu Mirage PA-46-350P 37
Piper Matrix PA-46R-350T 11
Cessna Turbo Stationair T206H 43
Total 91

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