The Cirrus Life Personified

“Comfort, safety and utility combine for a lifestyle of profound richness.”

A message from Dale:

“Aviation was my passion from my earliest memories. I have always loved planes and flying. But even more so I love what flying lets my family and me do together. Whether it’s the time saved on business trips or creating great memories on a quick weekend ski trip to Colorado, these are the things I value the most about this amazing product we build. It’s the access to a very special lifestyle that defines the real benefits of owning a Cirrus.”

“For everyone who dreams of flight, our goal is to see them sitting in the pilot’s seat, making a Cirrus a part of their lives. That’s The Cirrus Life, and we hope to make it part of your life too.”

Dale Klapmeier, Co-founder and Senior Advisor, Cirrus Aircraft

Reference: Cirrus Aircraft Corporation, The Cirrus Life™ marketing brochure, p.32, 2017.

2 thoughts on “The Cirrus Life Personified

    1. Stephen,
      Once again, what an exceptional interview you had with Dale Klapmeier. Your work helps us to know Dale better and the events that shaped his life and company. Your production utilized superb editing talent and great choices for historic materials and pictures. It’s evident your team put a lot of time into the documentary. Hope to see you at this year’s COPA migration. Best regards.

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