U.S. Pilot Population is Growing 2019

For 2019, GAMA reported annual aviator stats as follows: Active student pilot certificates reached 197,665, which was a 17.8% increase over the prior year. The number of Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot certificates also increased to 100,863 and 164,947 respectively. The number of Private Pilot Licenses dropped by 2% to 161,105.

The bulk of primary pilot training occurs in general aviation aircraft. FAA data shows more people are seeking flight training and obtaining pilot certificates.

The population of females holding U.S. pilot certificates climbed to 7.9%, one of the highest ratios on record for a total of 52,740 certificates.

FAA Data2019
Student Pilots       197,665 
Private Pilots       161,105 
Commercial       100,863 
ATP       164,947 
Total       624,580 
Summary FAA Statistics on Pilot Certificates 2019; excludes recreational & sport pilots licenses.

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