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Piloting the SR22TN Cirrus Perspective by Garmin at 12,000 feet, photo credit wikiWings
Piloting the SR22TN Cirrus Perspective by Garmin at 12,000 feet, photo credit wikiWings

Welcome! This is the third anniversary of my general aviation writing on wikiWings® and the modest goal continues – publish one article each Friday morning.

Last year’s season began with articles on Cost of Ownership. It’s a topic of interest for many visitors to wikiWings®.  A primary focus is Cirrus Aircraft operating cost, but many of the posts also relate to GA flying. There are now more than 50 detailed posts on the cost to fly.

You can view all cost of flying articles in chronological order by selecting categories on the wikiWings home page. Category selection is located in the upper right hand margin. Just click on “Cost of Ownership” in the drop-down menu.


How to "Select Categories" on wikiWings weblog site, photo credit wikiWings.
How to “Select Categories” on wikiWings weblog site. Go to upper right and click on Category drop-down list, photo credit wikiWings.

Turbocharged Cirrus

There are a lot of myths, misconceptions and non-operator pilot advice on piston turbos. Many of these “hangar opinions” are based on old turbocharged designs.  My experience with turbo flying led me to post “23 Reasons for Turbocharged Cirrus.” You should experience for yourself – life in a higher plane with Cirrus Turbo. If you want to see all articles about turbocharged flying select “Cirrus SR22 Turbo” from the category drop down list.

We’re now in our third year of turbocharged ownership and continuing to enjoy the Cirrus Lifestyle. It’s a great aircraft offering climb rates of more than 1,000 feet per minute and smooth rides in the flight levels above the clouds.

Thank you for reading wikiWings® weblog. It’s good to have you onboard. As of June 2016, visitors have 30,000 views on 156 articles. I appreciate the opportunity to share it forward and to be part of the general aviation experience with you.

Blue sky,
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