Wheels Up! 2017

Welcome! This is the fourth anniversary of general aviation writing at wikiWings®. During the year, we added articles on airplane operating costs which is a significant topic of interest for pilots.  There are now more than 73 detailed posts on the cost to fly. You can view the operating cost articles in chronological order by selecting “categories” on the wikiWings home page (Select Category is located in the right side margin). Just click on “Cost of Ownership” in the drop-down menu.

Cirrus Aircraft enthusiasts, Austin Texas 2016, photo credit wikiWings
Cirrus Aircraft enthusiasts, Austin Texas 2016, photo credit wikiWings

This past year, we congratulated the Cirrus Aircraft team for certification of the SF50 Personal Jet and posted eight articles on the new Vision jet including its expected operating cost.

Four years ago, I sold my Piper Archer and purchase a Perspective SR22TN Turbo. I wrote a number of articles about the search for an airplane and Cirrus aircraft pre-owned prices. The pre-owned market for Cirrus airplanes has changed since then.  Over the next several weeks, we’ll take a look at the current market and compare the changes.

Thank you for reading wikiWings® weblog. It’s good to have you onboard. Recent visitors have about 25,000 views on more than 200 articles. I appreciate the opportunity to share it forward and to be part of the general aviation experience with you.

Blue sky, Jeff Brewer

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