Cirrus Aircraft SR22 Turbo Shipments

What is the difference between the Cirrus SR22TN Turbo and Cirrus SR22T?  In July 2006, Cirrus climbed into the flight levels when they announced their first turbo normalized engine. That year Cirrus shipped thirty SR22 Turbos which included a limited number of Signature Edition models signed by the Klapmeier brothers. Sales of the Cirrus SR22 Turbo took off, and the following year pent-up demand accelerated shipments to 300 customers.

The first engine was a Teledyne Continental Motors IO-550-N with 310 horsepower to which they added at the factory an STC dual-turbo, intercooled, turbo normalizing system from Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc.  A total of 780 Tornado Alley Turbo equipped SR22TN’s were shipped between 2006 and 2010.

In 2010, Cirrus launched the SR22T with the Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) new turbocharged K model of the TSIO-550 engine with 315 horsepower.  During 2010, Cirrus gave buyers the option to choose and shipped either the Tornado Alley Turbo or the TCM K model turbo.  After 2010, the standard turbo engine became the TCM turbocharged TSIO-550K.  Cirrus Aircraft renamed the new TCM turbo model the SR22T.

SR22TN Turbonormalized 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Tornado Alley Turbo TCM IO-550N 310hp  30  300  250  150  50
SR22T Turbocharged 2010 2011 2012 Jan-Jun
TCM TSIO-550K 315hp  57  102  88  64

From 2006 through mid 2013, Cirrus shipped a total of 2,521 SR22’s and 1,091 or 43% of those were turbo models versus normally aspirated (1,091 / 2,521 = 43%).  This year, through mid 2013, more turbos shipped than normally aspirated.  The numbers are 64 or 61% turbo shipments to 41 normally aspirated SR22 models (64 / 105 = 61%).

The 2013, 200 lb increase in useful load in the SR22-G5 may be one more reason buyers are picking Cirrus Aircraft Turbo option in greater numbers.

What is the market share among the competition for turbo piston single-engines? Based on General Aviation Management Association reports (GAMA) there were a total of 2,141 four seat turbo piston single-engine shipments for the period Jan. 2006 – June 2013 as follows:

Turbo Model Total Mkt.Shr.
Cirrus Aircraft SR22 Turbo  1,091 51%
Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane  625 29%
Cessna Corvalis Turbo  161 8%
Columbia 400 Turbo  264 12%
Total Shipments 2006 – Jun.2013  2,141

Columbia Aircraft produced the Columbia 400 Turbo from 2004 – 2007, and shipped 403 during those years before going into bankruptcy. In 2007, Columbia became a part of Cessna Aircraft and they later renamed the airplane Cessna Corvalis TTx.  GAMA reports that Cessna Corvalis TTX shipments decreased to 7 in 2010 and there have only been two shipments since 2011.

More than seven models of turbo piston aircraft are no longer manufactured.

Last Year of Model Shipment Year
Commander 115TC Turbo 2002
Beechcraft Bonanza B36TC Turbo 2002
PA-32-301XTC Piper 6XT Turbo 2006
Columbia 400 Turbo 2007
PA-32-301T Saratoga II TC Turbo 2008
PA-28R Piper Arrow Turbo ?
Mooney 2010

Where’s all the competition gone? Competition spurs innovation and helps to control prices.

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