How much does a Turbo Cirrus Perspective SR22TN-G3 cost?

What is the price for a turbo-normalized Cirrus with Perspective by Garmin flight deck? Prices and quantities are stable, except for the 2008 model year. That’s the first year Cirrus Perspective by Garmin was available and only three 2008 Perspectives were on Controller this past month.

In all, there were a baker’s dozen of Turbo Cirrus Perspective SR22TN’s for sale in the United States. The majority of planes were GTSx models (10/13), most had air-conditioning (8/13), and all had the yaw damper option except one (12/13).

Expect a price of $419,000 for a low-time 2008 Perspective SR22TN GTS aircraft with air-conditioning.  That asking price, in the appendix, is for a plane that does not have the yaw damper or GTSx enhanced paint scheme.

The GTS delivers a loaded avionics package.  But there are a few other add-on

Cirrus Perspective SR22TN-G3 in sunrise, by
Cirrus Perspective SR22TN-G3 in sunrise, by

equipment options like the Enhanced Vision System (EVS) camera, WX500 real-time Storm Scope and yaw damper (see “Ready for the Option” for a list of 2008 SR22TN Turbo options).

The yaw damper is a valuable addition and is only available with the Perspective flight deck. Pilot workload on right rudder during climb is eliminated. Combined with the Garmin GFC-700 autopilot the yaw damper really smooths the ride out. It’s why a lot of pilots and passengers say the plane flys like it’s on rails.

About 572 turbo Cirrus Perspective SR22-G3’s were delivered from 2008 through 2012. But supply of the 2008 Perspective models are limited. It’s estimated that only 125 Turbo 2008 Perspective SR22TN-G3’s were produced and some of those were shipped internationally.

In 2010, buyers could choose either the Tornado Alley Turbo-Normalized SR22TN or the all factory Continental turbocharged SR22T. But by year-end the factory Continental turbo model was the only engine offered.  Some say the Continental turbocharged SR22T runs hotter than the Tornado Alley Turbo-Normalized SR22TN.

This article focuses on asking prices for the Tornado Alley Turbo SR22TN turbo-normalized and not the Continental SR22T turbocharged model, introduced by Cirrus in 2010.

In 2013, Cirrus rolled-out the SR22-G5 complete with a 200 lb increase in useful load.

The “value sweet spot” among pre-owned Perspective Cirrus Aircraft could be the 2008 Turbo Perspective. Here are five reasons to support that case:

  1. Turbo prices are very close to non-turbo Perspective models
  2. Availability, 2008 turbo Perspectives are listed vs one or none 2008 non-turbo Perspectives.
  3. Performance – routine access to flight levels 10K-18K and above
  4. Cirrus has the best-selling and best designed turbo on the market
  5. You get all the benefits of the redesigned G3 wing

A turbo was not on our shopping list when we began looking to purchase an advanced performance composite aircraft, but with further consideration, it became our number one choice.

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CIRRUS PERSPECTIVE SR22TN-G3 TURBO with Air-conditioning, asking prices

Year Serial # Tail # Price TTAF A/C TKS GTS Damper
2009 3003 N569PG 399,000 1491 Y FIKI GTSx Y
2008 3052 N224SL 419,000 463 Y TKS GTS N
2010 3520 N575TX 429,000 694 Y No* GTSx Y
2009 3371 N645CP 450,000 732 Y TKS GTSx Y
2010 3619 N313MH 479,000 890 Y FIKI GTSx Y
2009 3564 N115ML 499,900 490 Y FIKI GTSx Y
2010 n/a N113MR 575,000 375 Y FIKI GTS Y
2008 3341 N575CP *call 875 Y TKS GTSx Y

* Call Note: broker would not return phone calls regarding pricing, assume already sold.

Cirrus SR22TN-G3 Turbo without air-conditioning, asking prices

Year Serial # Tail # Price TTAF A/C TKS GTS Damper
2008 3096 N188BC 379,000 1420 N TKS GTSx Y
2008 3190 N264CP 380,000 950 N TKS GTSx Y
2009 3434 N859KD 432,500 765 N FIKI GTS Y
2010 3652 N452CD 449,999 399 N FIKI GTSx Y
2011 3743 N815DB 519,000 320 N FIKI GTSx Y


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