How much does a Turbo Cirrus SR22TN-G3 Avidyne cost?

What is the price for turbo-normalized Cirrus SR22TN-G3 aircraft with the Avidyne flight deck? Compared to several years ago, the asking prices are stable and the quantity of listings are about the same.

This past month, there were a dozen (12) of these turbo’s for sale in the United States. A majority of the planes were GTS models (9/12), most had air-conditioning (8/12), and many had significant owner upgrades, such as, DFC-90 autopilot.

Expect an average asking price of about $315,000 for a low-time turbo Avidyne SR22TN-G3 GTS aircraft with air-conditioning.

Cirrus delivered about 350 turbo SR22TN-G3 Avidyne’s from 2007 into spring of 2008. In 2008, Cirrus introduced the SR22-G3 Perspective by Garmin flight deck and it became the standard by end-of-year.

You should compare, both turbo and non-turbo Avidyne G3 asking prices. Here are a few reasons why the turbo Avidyne G3 may be the better value than non-turbo.

  • Cirrus has the best designed and best selling turbo on the market
  • It’s easy to operate
  • Faster climbs and cruise speeds
  • Greater utility, routine access to flight levels 10k – 18K and above
  • Better pre-owned pricing & equipment (i.e. built-in oxygen, DFC-90)

Stop and compare. Currently, asking prices among the G3 Avidynes (non-turbo and turbo) are about the same, but you’ll get more performance and airplane with the turbo.

 Appendix: Controller Summary

Cirrus SR22TN-G3 Avidyne with air-conditioning, asking prices

Year Serial # Tail # Price TT A/C TKS GTS Autopilot
2007 2668 N833KA 295,000 1375 Y Y GTSx STEC-55x
2007 2796 N693SR 299,000 700 Y Y GTSx DFC-90
2007 2526 N722AM 309,000 775 Y Y N STEC-55x
2007 2460 N502SR 315,000 1145 Y Y N DFC-90
2007 2846 N412JJ 319,000 1035 Y Y GTSx DFC-90
2008 2918 N814CT 325,000 840 Y Y GTS DFC-90
2007 2836 N848SR 339,900 725 Y Y GTS DFC-90
2008 2924 N4904 350,000 1025 Y Y GTS STEC-55

Cirrus SR22TN-G3 Avidyne without air-conditioning, asking prices

Year Serial # Tail # Price TT A/C TKS GTS Autopilot
2007 2455 N823FW 279,000 1525 N Y N STEC-55x
2007 2762 N599MG 312,000 1397 N Y GTSx DFC-90
2007 2843 N673SR 319,000 630 N Y GTSx STEC-55x
2007 2682 N283SR 334,900 550 N Y GTS DFC-90

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