Normally Aspirated Perspective SR22-G3, That was Then, This is Now

Its been a decade since the first normally aspirated Perspective SR22 third generation planes began shipment. Let’s look at how the market has changed. 

Very few G3 pre-owned normally aspirated Perspective planes are available for sale today. Here’s a summary of the original factory pricing for the generation three SR22 planes.

Normally Aspirated SR22-G3 original factory pricing
Year Model Avionics Std. GS GTS
Jan 2008 SR22-G3 Avidyne  376,305  n/a  477,950
May 2008 SR22-G3 Avidyne  376,305  n/a  474,645
May 2008 SR22-G3 Perspective n/a  n/a  529,465
2009 SR22-G3 Perspective  380,650  441,050  530,100
2010 SR22-G3 Perspective $ unavailable $ unavailable $ unavailable
2011 SR22-G3 Perspective  449,900  n/a  599,900
2012 SR22-G3 Perspective $ unavailable $ unavailable $ unavailable

Cirrus Aircraft first introduced Perspective by Garmin avionics flight deck in 2008. Although Perspective carried a higher cost than Avidyne the new platform offered more features and functionality that pilots wanted.

From May through June 2018, we gathered pre-owned asking prices for Cirrus Perspective by Garmin SR22-G3 normally aspirated planes.  Asking prices ranged from a low of $385,000 to a high of $499,000.  All the planes for sale had air-conditioning. For planes with 1,100 – 1,400 Total Time on Airframe (TTAF) expect asking prices in the range of $400,000 to $440,000.

In October 2014, we reviewed pre-owned asking prices for normally aspirated Perspective SR22-G3 planes. At that time, you could expect the Perspective by Garmin flight deck to have an asking price of $459,000 for a low-time GTS aircraft with air-conditioning (see October 2014 article for details).

But “that was then and this is now.”

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