Ready for the Option – Cirrus SR22TN G3

Are you in the market for a previously owned Cirrus Perspective SR22TN-G3 GTS and do you have a list of the standard and optional equipment? You can find original prices for the Cirrus Perspective SR22TN-G3 GTS Tornado Alley Turbo-Normalized on company brochures.  

Prices occasionally changed during the year and incentives were sometimes offered but this list  provides a general idea of original cost. Below is a summary of the 2008 Turbo GTS:

2008 SR22TN-G3 GTS Turbo with Perspective by Garmin May 2008
Base Price  594,415
GTS Options
Air Conditioning  17,100
Tanis Engine Pre-heater  1,495
Yaw Damper  7,500
GTX 330 Mode-S Transponder  3,850
EVS Enhanced Vision System Infrared Camera  15,000
WX-500 StormScope Real-time lighting detection  10,000
Sterling Paint  4,995
X-Perspective Package (two-tone paint w/ red stitching)  11,995
GTS Standard Features
Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) Incl.
Platinum Engine TCM IO-550-N, 310 hp Incl.
Twin Turbo-normalized/Dual Intercooled Incl.
6-Point Engine Mount Incl.
Hartsell 3-Blade Composite Prop (Std. on Turbo) Incl.
Polished Spinner Incl.
Built in oxygen system. (Std. on Turbo) Incl.
Inadvertant Ice Protection (TKS) Incl.
Leading Edge Protectant Incl.
Tinted Windows Incl.
Leather Seats Incl.
Airbag Seatbelt Restraints (Pilot & Copilot) Incl.
Weather Datalink XM WX Incl.
Audio Entertainment XM Radio Incl.
Fan Driven Ventilation System Incl.
406 MHz ELT Incl.
GTS Standard Avionics Incl.
Garmin Perspective Primary Flight Display (12″ screen) Incl.
Garmin Perspective Multi-Function Display (12″ screen) Incl.
Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) Incl.
Garmin GFC 700 Autopilot Incl.
Dual AHRS Incl.
GMA 340 Audio Panel Incl.
GTX 327 Digital Transponder Incl.
SkyWatch Traffic Information Incl.
Engine & Fuel Monitoring (E-Max) Incl.
Electronic Approach Plates (Jepp) Incl.
Enhanced Terrain Warning Honeywell (E-TAWS) Incl.
Terrain Awareness Warning System Garmin GPS (TAWS) Incl.
Flight Director Incl.

This past month, Cirrus Perspective SR22TN-G3 GTS Tornado Alley Turbo-Normalized  advertised with asking prices in the low to mid $400K range.

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